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Buying a TV in 2012’s crazy world
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on September 2, 2012

Buying a TV in 2012's crazy worldUsed to TV’s came in one flavor, vacuum tube.  The only difference was the “console” (box it came in)  and the size.  OK a long time ago there was [...]

How to buy a tablet device 2011
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on October 14, 2011

Tablets are the newest form factor in computing, and many people would love to own one to compliment their smartphone and laptop. But which tablet should you buy at this point in time? Tablets fit snugly in between smartphones and laptops, being a more stylish, portable, and useful version of the humble netbook. They provide [...]

How To Buy A Smartphone 2011
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on October 7, 2011

Smartphones are now outselling feature phones at an incredible rate. You’ll either own one or be longing to own one. But the market is moving so quickly, and the technology improving so radically, that even if you own a model of smartphone that was brand new and cutting edge just a few months ago, you [...]

How To Buy A Games Console
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on September 27, 2011

Looking to buy a new games console for you or your family? Then read on for a rundown of your home console and handheld console options. Video games were once the exclusive domain of the nerd underclass, and I was one of those poor, unfortunate geeks. Now, video games reside comfortably in the mainstream, with [...]

How to buy a computer
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on September 17, 2011

Buying a computer is a lot like buying a car.  You need to know what your price range is and what features you want/need to have.  You need to have a clear idea of what you want to be able to do with your computer and how others who use your computer will use it.  [...]

Top 40 best coupon, discount and deal sites
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on January 16, 2011

Everybody is looking for a bargain, and there are a lot of Web sites to help you connect to the deal that you want. Keep reading to find some bargains of your own.

Buying guide: What new smartphone to buy in 2011
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on December 20, 2010

Unless you have already bought a smartphone in the holiday frenzy, you might be looking forward to getting yourself a new smartphone after the first of the year. Which phones should you be looking at?

How to buy binoculars
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on December 5, 2010

There is so much in nature that is difficult to get close to, from badgers to birds to butterflies, not to mention far-away scenery and people. The answer is binoculars and here’s how to choose a pair.

How to buy a computer mouse
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on November 28, 2010

People who use a computer for hours every day spend a lot of time on the selection of the computer itself, and on the display, but few of us ever pay a lot of attention to all of the possibilities for mice.

How to buy an HDTV
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on November 14, 2010

Those bulky and limited cathode ray tube televisions that your parents grew up with are becoming more outdated every day. Replace that old clunker with a flat panel HDTV. Here’s a few tips.

How to buy a desktop Windows PC
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on November 6, 2010

Though most of the sales are going to notebooks in today’s marketplace, there is still a place for a desktop PC running Windows 7. Here are some helpful tips to find you the right desktop PC.

How to buy a notebook computer
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on November 1, 2010

Notebook computers are becoming ubiquitous in today’s computing world, with their easy portability and a score of other advantages. In this article, we explore how you should select a notebook computer.

Last year, for the first time, computer manufacturers sold more portable computers than desktop computers, [...]

How to choose a backup solution
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on October 24, 2010

Everybody always says that you should back up your computers but nobody ever says how! We are going to remedy that with a rundown on backup solutions for your computer. Read on…

There are a million reasons why it is important to back up your computer(s) [...]

How to buy a laser printer
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on October 17, 2010

If you have decided that a laser printer is the best fit for your purposes, there are still a number of factors to consider before you will know exactly which one to buy. Read on for some selection tips.

How to buy an inkjet printer
Posted from BUY.BLORGE on October 10, 2010

For a lot of us, an inkjet printer will serve us well, starting with a low purchase price and continuing through a very versatile set of printing features, including color and black and white. Here’s how to buy one.