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PS3 Greatest Hits – Games include MotorStorm, Resistance & Warhawk
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 12 July 2008

PS3 Greatest Hits - Games include MotorStorm, Resistance & WarhawkThe Greatest Hits, or Platinum range, of best-selling re-released games has become a mainstay of gaming since Sony introduced it with the original Playstation console in 1997. [...]

Playstation 3: Warhawk v1.1 patch, arbiters announced
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 19 October 2007

Warhawk v1.1 patch, arbiters announcedYou know that rumored Warhawk patch that's getting whored around the web? Well, it turns out it's real, but the rumor isn't entirely correct.

You're Grounded!: Warhawk game-sharing altered on PS3
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 1 September 2007

youre grounded warhawk game-sharing altered on ps3 If you read the fine print on the download screen from Warhawk (who ever does that, really?), you'll see that the game sharing rules have been tweaked a bit.

Warhawk launch delayed until August 30th
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 28 August 2007

Warhawk launch delayed until August 30th…for those on the other side of the pond that is. Us Americans still get it today, but the PAL region won't get it for another couple of days.

First Impressions: Warhawk on Playstation 3
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 28 August 2007

Warhawk on PS3The Playstation online store unleashed Warhawk on the world today at midnight Eastern Time. If you're lookin' to find out whether it's worth your money, inquire inside.

Its official: PlayStation 3DTV includes Resistance 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 30 August 2011

When Sony announced the new PlayStation 3D TV at E3 this year, the company revealed that the kit would come with a copy of Resistance 3. Insomniac later confirmed that Sony decided to switch out the game for MotorStorm Apocalypse. This caused some backlash from those interested in buying the bundle. Various retailers including GameStop [...]

GameStop: PlayStation 3DTV includes Resistance 3 and MotorStorm: Apocalypse
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 7 August 2011

Insomniac and Sony recently revealed that there would be a change in the PlayStation 3DTV bundle. The package was suppose to originally come with a copy of Resistance 3, but is now changed to MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Insomniac recently tweeted that MotorStorm: Apocalypse would replace Resistance 3 in the bundle. When gamers criticized this change, the [...]

Wii beats PS3, Xbox as ‘Greatest Toy’
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 21 December 2010

Channel 4 in the U.K. recently aired a program listing the 100 Greatest Toys of all time. Four consoles featured on the list, as did one games character.

The Wii finished in fourth place, being the highest placed [...]

New MotorStorm and Mortal Kombat games revealed
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 11 June 2010

Today two interesting games were announced pre-E3. It seems like everyone is following in Sony’s footsteps of announcing games before the show. MotorStorm Apocalypse and a new Mortal Kombat game were announced today.
Evolution Studios is bringing back MotorStorm with a brand new twist. The game will take place during the apocalypse. The first screenshots [...]

Rumors: Motorstorm 3 takes place in post-apocalyptic setting
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 6 June 2010

Rumors of a Motorstorm 3 game has been swirling around the Web. The fact that Sony purchased the domain tipped gamers off that the next game in the franchise is in the works.
According to PS3Gen, the site was able to procure some early screenshots of the alleged game. The screenshots depict an apocalyptic setting [...]

PS3 games getting 3D makeovers
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 4 April 2010

The first PS3 titles due to get 3D makeovers have been revealed. Whether this excites you or not depends if you’ve yet bought into the whole 3D thing.
3D is taking off in a big way, in case you hadn’t noticed. Every new movie since Avatar seems to be in 3D, although most of them are [...]

MotorStorm 3 Website registered by Sony
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 22 February 2010

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe recently snagged the URL for MotorStorm 3 prompting speculation that the third title in the series is in the works. This maybe one of the titles Sony is set to reveal at E3 later this year.
Domain watchers noticed that MotorStorm 3 popped up on the domain registry recently. Companies normally [...]

Next Silent Hill game available only on Wii, PS2 and PSP
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 26 December 2009

If you’re a fan of the Silent Hill franchise and you only own next gen consoles, then you might be in for a disappointment. Since Silent Hill Shattered Memories was developed with the Wii in mind there is no PS3 or Xbox 360 version to play.
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has been getting generally [...]

New Playstation Network Store ditches browser, pictures published
Posted from GAMER.BLORGE on 31 March 2008

New Playstation Network Store ditches browser, pictures publishedThe new Playstation Network Store will ditch the slow PS3 browser for a sleeker, faster user-interface, says Sony.